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tubing down the russian river

SOAR canoes, built for the rigors of remote rivers in far-off lands, would now convey tens of thousands of… pin. Best resource on Russian River tubing I’ve found on the internet. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hope it’s ok to pick gour brain. We had planned to make it Johnson's Beach and left a car there, but were getting tired of swimming along our 'raft island' (yes we connected 8 rafts plus a raft/cooler full of beer) to combat the wind so decided to get out early and send two from the group to grab the car at the end and shuttle the other drivers back to Steelhead. If you’ve never given it a try, the Russian River is a great place to spend a few hours floating down stream. For all the fun and exhilaration of setting out under your own power to drift or paddle down the Russian River, experts urge visitors to give it some thought before they set out. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback for that route and if anyone knows if there are BBQ pits at Johnson’s beach. I’m not sure if the current is faster at certain times of the day as well — or what the water release schedule is upstream. Awesome info – thanks! Floating on the Russian River is easy. Canoeing at Burke's - a Russian River Tradition. We tied an extra raft I had to her float so that we had napping options. Please feel free to leave me new / different beach locations to add to the map in the comments below. You'll encounter people both on the river and on small beaches along the way, but not as many as you might think, considering how many people are up here on any given weekend. Courteous and always willing to try to find an opening if you call, even in high season. All bikes have blinking rear lights. 4.7/5 . Club Urban Diversion Adventures. For all the fun and exhilaration of setting out under your own power to drift or paddle down the Russian River, experts urge visitors to give it some thought before they set out. We have an airbnb right on the river off Guernville (with private dock), so we were thinking we could avoid the large crowds starting at Steelhead Beach and instead, start from Johnson’s beach. Does anyone know of a good camp ground to stay at around this area? Your email address will not be published. floating down the river on my birthday with my friend jessica. We also brought a beach umbrella, which turned out to be a pretty smart move on a sunny day. We’re trying Burke’s on July 5th canoeing as it’s the first time on this river but I hope to go back on my own in a tube or get our own canoe so I can take my dog with me eventually……now we know all the spots we can launch it on our own. That would still have been 4+ hours, I’m guessing. I couldn’t find anything. If you only have one car, you can work with one of the local outfitters to shuttle you. bungalow. 2 BA. Registered. Beautiful scenery along the Russian River, redwoods everywhere you look, picnic beaches throughout. Climb aboard a sturdy, inflatable canoe and paddle downstream through the scenic landscapes of Northern California’s countryside, stopping to swim at a local beach along the way. Top Picks In Shopping Learn how your comment data is processed. The Russian River, in this case, is not exactly the "rushin'" river. I’m sure there are others too that people can chime in on. Explore. If you're looking for a lot of fast water and river rapids, there are other California rivers that will fill that bill, but not this one. It all … Is there a better way to spend your day? This means that if the wind picks up, you will stop floating down stream and will need to paddle. Directions; Book Now; Location. and therefore didn't get on the water until about 11am, finishing at Odd Fellow's Bridge at 6pm. Beware starting too late, as the headwind can be stronger than the current. Steelhead Beach Regional Park, 9000 River Rd, Forestville, CA 95436. (One time, I saw a great set-up - the group had connected four canoes together in a grid - with a wide space in between the pairs of canoes. Pingback: Plan Your Own Russian River Lazy Float Trip | Random Tidbits of Thought, Pingback: Sonoma Weekend | A Bit of Bees Knees. We got a house near Johnson’s Beach. clock. Use the thumb throttle and cruise away, or begin pedalling and the small electric motor will kick in and take you up hills, and along the Russian River valley floor. I’m thinking the smartest thing is to drive to a beach then float toward Johnson Beach. The River is mellow enough to give you a pleasant experience, but it's also fast enough that you really do need to think ahead about how you're going to get back up river. Burke’s invites you to spend a day (or more) canoeing/kayaking down the famous Russian River! It becomes quite uncomfortable juggling a bunch of things when floating down the river in nothing but a tube. – Robert B., TripAdvisor. They're really nice people and won't bite you if you ask nicely, so it's worth trying. River Time; Dog Friendly; The “Don’ts” Liability Release; Off-River. Registration. That nice current that just gave you a nice ride won't be as much fun when you have to walk back up river against it. I love the Rio kayaking trip. And water, yes water, don’t survive on beer alone. (707) 433-5599, . Ft. Property Type bungalow2 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms4 Sleeps1,100 Square Feet. Be sure to bring canned beer and lots of sun screen, glass bottles are frowned upon. If you don’t feel like being all the way in the water, rent a Kayak or Canoe. We had hoped to be on the water by 10am, but underestimated the time it would take to inflate rafts, fill the cooler, shuttle the car to the end, etc. Explore. Paddling season is typically May through September. 0. For one thing, there were so many pretty spots we just wanted to stop and enjoy. The pairs of canoes had platforms for dancing and cut outs for ice chests, and then the space in between the pairs of canoes had a SLIDE! Picnic; Restaurants; Lodging; Vacation Rentals; Campgrounds; Dog Friendly; Other Activities; Private Shuttles; About Us; FAQs; Contact. A better itinerary would have been to start at Mothers or Sunset beach. about 11 months ago. The answer is no from me! We are going on a canoe trip thru Burkes. For the past few years I would always go steelhead to sunset and BBQ back at steelhead at the end. I have zero sense of direction and have no clue how to do this. The advice from other users in the comments helps a lot too, since I’ve only done it a handful of times. Every time I’ve been to Steelhead the parking lot has been about half full. I need HELP! If you don't have your own inner tube, you can buy one for $25 - 40, depending on the size, from the wonderful staff at River Tires at 15290 River Road in Guerneville - (707) 869-2929, weekdays only. We'd only made it 4.5 miles down the river - which means we averaged a little over a mile an hour. -  Guerneville - (707) 869-2156 - Apply sunscreen early, and often, bring lots of water, snacks, and enjoy the water! Any recommendations for what would be a good, relaxing, but not painfully slow 4-5 hour float? It’s free, it’s very shallow, and during the summer it’s very slow moving. (707) 869-2177, King's Sport - King's rents canoes and kayaks and spends a lot of time shuttling their customers up and down the river. Russian River Adventures. They charge $22.50 for a large tube, and $15 for a small tube - they don't offer rentals. Location. From Healdsburg to Steelhead you’re better off in a Kayake or Canoe where you can make up for the insanely slow river. We want you to understand your rights and privileges as a River’s Edge guest. ), but it's not as convenient if you have to get out early. Mirabel Road at 8600 River Road, Forestville CA (707) 887-1222 Russian River Adventures: Russian River. Number of Reviews: 35. $45 adults, $22 children 12 and younger, $10 dogs. Lazy Tubing Down the Russian River [Guerneville] When. The river depth is rarely overhead, and sometimes you may need to get up and walk it gets so shallow. We abandoned our ambitions to tube all the way to Guerneville and put out at the Russian River Pub. Full Day; On-River. Thanks for posting that feedback — 7 hours is way too long, that must have been brutal! Thanks for this helpful map. That’s why we encourage you to read our cancellation policy. Tubing Tubes can be purchased at Country Tire in Guerneville. For reference Steelhead to Guerneville (Stumptown or Johnson’s Beach), will take you 6+ hours, as we found out the hard way on the weekend of June 15, 2013. Bobcats are sighted on the hills above the river. River otters slide down the banks and turtles sun on logs anywhere along the river; deer come down to drink, as do mountain lions although such a sighting is rare indeed. Canoes courtesy of Burke's Canoes in Guerneville, CA. The Russian River runs through Sonoma County from Cloverdale in the north to Jenner in the west.

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